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Summary of benefits

By choosing an EquiteamPro powered website for your store, you are  able to compete with even the best online retailers. Even if you have a site up, you know the cost and time involved in keeping it current. The EquiteamPro solution does this for you at a tiny fraction of the normal cost and with no time requirements.


We will build you a professional, fully functioning ecommerce equipped website or add one to your existing site.

• We will load the 2000 items available from English Riding Supply onto it immediately and add more from other vendors in the future. *note: you can add more products from your inventory or from other vendors at any time.

• We will host it on our dedicated servers. • We will constantly update it when the distributor or manufacturer makes changes to their line. • We will add new manufacturers and distributors entire product lines (up to 50 more…roughly 50,000 more products).

There are several templates that you can choose from. By personalizing them for you with your logo and graphics, they become your unique site. Fact you might want to know: The statistics show that simpler, easy to navigate sites actually sell more than fancy graphic heavy designs.

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