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More information on the EquiteamPro.com system

This product is developed for small or large operations. Many larger, well established stores have actually signed up because it is dramatically less expensive than doing it themselves.

Others are creating brand new websites using our system and leaving their own sites up.

Customers often go online to look.

A common scenario is: Young lady is told by her mother that she can get a new pair of boots (at 7pm).

The young lady immediately goes online to find the ones she wants.

If she finds them at your site, or at least sees that you have a large selection available, she may ask her mother to take her to your store the next day; or place an order online right then.

Either way, you get at least the chance to speak to them. If you don't have a large selection, she may just surf over to another retailer's site; see what she wants and order it. You never even had a chance to make the sale; and worse, did not even know the opportunity existed.

If that young lady is local to your store and receives her boots and likes them and the customer service she experienced, you may have lost all or some of her business to the other store; again, not even having known about it.

But, if you have a site up with a huge selection, and she orders the boots from your store; even if you don't have them in stock; and the distributor does not have them - it gives you the chance to contact the customer...offer a substitute (perhaps you have an item that has been sitting on the shelf for months that you want to sell and can offer a great bargain on)

...and perhaps keep the sale. In the worst case scenario, as long as you contact the customer in a timely fashion; and give a sincere and courteous explanation of the the situation, you may have kept a customer, or made a customer - that otherwise, you may have lost without so much as the knowledge that you lost them.

WOULD WE END UP PLACING ORDERS FOR STRANGE STUFF WE CANNOT SELL IF RETURNED? Good question. Since orders come in and you would ordinarily look at them first thing in the morning...you could easily evaluate the sale. If it is something very unusual you can always contact the buyer; confirm the order; and make sure they are aware of the item that they ordered in such a way as to avoid the possibility that they did not order what they thought they ordered. You can even say "this is a non-returnable" item; or what a lot of stores do is charge a restocking fee of 10% so nomatter what they reason they return the item (unless it was defective or the wrong item was sent). You can then keep the item, or return it to the distributor and the restocking fee they pay should offset the restocking fee you may have to pay to the distributor.

-WHAT TYPE OF HOSTING DO I GET? EquiteamPro has dedicated servers only used for EquiteamPro sites. The program is PCI compliant and is monitored by our programmers daily. Since all sites are actually subdomains of the master site, it is a very safe and controlled system. Much safer than hosting on a server where there are thousands of other sites. Need more information on how site is hosted - security, etc.

-WHAT ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE? Customer service support is available Mon-Fri 9-4pm EST.  The customer service/tech support ticket system is available 24 hours a day. You will receive an answer on the next business day.

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