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After I become a part of the equiteampro family...then what?

1.) First you receive back a confirmation of submission.

(Please check your spam folder as your email account may not recognize the email address).

Included in the email will be a link to a general questionnaire. Please review it and answer the questions that you can; but, please do not panic, it is very easy to make changes at any time in the future.  You will also see some sections have default text already installed. You may choose to leave the policies in place until such time as you decide to make changes (if any).

2.) A customer satisfaction agent will contact you within two business days to assist you in answering all the questions you may have and to invite you to take part in online training.

3.) We begin building your site. INormally, it takes 3 to 5 business days for us to make your site "live".

If you provide answers to the questionnaire prior to the site being made "live", we will add this information for you.

If you have not had time to complete the questionnaire, you will shown how to enter the information yourself at any time.


4.) How do I make changes and add products to my site?

You will use an administrative control panel which is nothing more than a program you access online that looks similar to an email account.

You will access the administrative control panel to add products, put items on special, set discount levels, see who is looking at your site, send your customers emails, and much more.

We will teach you how to use every tool available during live online training sessions and/or you may consult the tutorials and webinars page on the Equiteampro main site at any time.


What if I am moving my website name or creating a new one entirely?

The questionnaire affords you solutions for the above.

Have more questions? Please contact us now at info@equiteampro.com

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