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Configuration/Test Mode - Authorize.Net


The following settings are important for all connections to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway and should be configured for your account to achieve optimal performance and security. You may need to contact your Web developer to be sure that your Web site is coded to interact properly with these settings.

Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to test your Web site connection to the payment gateway without actually processing live transactions. Once activated, your account is already in Test Mode by default. While in Test Mode, the payment gateway will accept test transactions as a simulation of how actual transactions would be accepted or declined, but payment data will not actually be submitted for processing. Test transactions will not be stored and cannot be retrieved from the payment gateway.

IMPORTANT: Please contact your Web developer for help with submitting test transactions.

It is important that you leave your account in Test Mode until your connection to the payment gateway is successfully tested and it is ready to process live transactions. You may place your account in Test Mode at anytime to test updates to your Web site connection or if you need to quickly turn off transaction processing.

To turn Test Mode off or on:

1. Log on to the Merchant Interface at https://secure.authorize.net

2. Select Settings under Account in the main menu on the left

3. Click Test Mode in the Security Settings section

4. Click Turn Test OFF to take your account out of Test Mode. Click Turn Test ON to place your account in Test Mode


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