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After I become a part of the equiteampro family...then what?
1.) First you receive back a confirmation of submission. (Please check your spam folder as your...
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Are you adding more vendors?
Yes.  We are adding more vendors. We have started with English Riding Supply, but, will be...
Views: 1170
Can i add specials?
Yes. The Control Panel makes it very easy to put any item on SPECIAL. Visit the...
Views: 868
Do i have to list every product that the vendor offers?
No.  You do not have to offer every product from ERS or any other vendor. You can de-select any...
Views: 700
Do i pay any type of commission on my sales?
No. You pay one flat fee monthly. EquiteamPro.com does not take any percentage of sales from you....
Views: 1094
How long are we required to keep the program?
There is no requirement.  You may cancel at any time with no penalty or fee.
Views: 710
If i select a template but change my mind, can i change it?
Yes. It is a simple change. Unlike most sites, your EquiteamPro site can be re-designed in a...
Views: 720
Is equiteampro affiliated or in any way owned by english riding supply?
No. EquiteamPro is not owned or in any way operated by English Riding Supply or any other vendor....
Views: 751
Is this a shopping cart?
This is both a shopping cart and a website solution. You can add it to your existing site with a...
Views: 761
More information on the EquiteamPro.com system
This product is developed for small or large operations. Many larger, well established stores...
Views: 1355
Non-Payment Scenario
  Please be advised that due to non-payment your Equiteampro powered ecommerce solution will be...
Views: 699
Still undecided? calculate the numbers.
Still undecided? Here is a simple way to determine the value of an EquiteamPro powered website…...
Views: 773
Summary of benefits
By choosing an EquiteamPro powered website for your store, you are  able to compete with even the...
Views: 843
What about map (minimum advertised pricing) requirements?
You can select to discount items up to the MAP price level. The control will automatically...
Views: 738
What happens after i sign up?
First. You will receive a confirmation via email. Next, you will receive a questionnaire that...
Views: 752
What happens when ers or another vendor makes changes to their offerings?
One of the greatest features of the EquiteamPro program is that whenever ERS or other vendors...
Views: 729
What if i don't have time to deal with any of it?
The EquiteamPro powered website solution allows you to have a professional site up online well...
Views: 688
What if I don't stock all the products from ERS or any other vendor you add?
Most online retailers do not stock all the products they show.  In most cases, you simply...
Views: 746
What is the biggest benefit to my store?
There are many benefits to your tack shop; but one of the biggest ones is giving your locally...
Views: 694
What other services do you offer?
We are continually looking for ways to make you more successfull. Some of the new programs we...
Views: 675
What other vendors will be added to my site?
We have selected English Riding Supply to accommodate the english product items part of our...
Views: 722
Why am i losing business now?
Most retailers lose local customers because of selection. It is impossible to carry every item...
Views: 723
Will my site have only those items from ers or other vendors?
No. You can easily add any product from any company or from your stock at any time. We will be...
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